Kategori 1

1. Farma dan Biofarma
Topik : Oncology, Metabolic syndrome, Healthy Aging, Immuno-oncology, Personalized Treatment (targeted drug)

2. Cell and Gene Therapy
Topik : Cell Therapy, Genetically Engineered Cells

Kategori 2

1. E-health
Topik : Wearable Health Technology, Health Care Platform

2. Alat Kesehatan
Topik : Maternity Infant Care, Critical Care: Patient Monitoring, Radiology

3. Diagnostik
Topik : Area Molecular and Lateral Flow especially for risk assessment and diagnosis using non invasive way

Kategori 3

1. Makanan dan Minuman Kesehatan
Topik : Personalization Nutrition; Category Healthy Aging, Metabolic Syndrome especially Diabetes

2. Produk Bahan Alam
Topik : Metabolic syndrome, Healthy Aging, Degenerative Disease, Respiratory, Digestive (diarrhea); Patch with Special Drug Delivery System, Gummy (less and no sugar), Indonesian raw material with health benefit (seaweed, red ginger)


Ristek/BRIN Kalbe Science Awards 2021

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